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SekizSekiz is founded based upon over 30 years of corporate experiences of the founders in Marketing, Human Resources, Alternative Delivery Channels, Process Improvement, IT, Telecommunications, Finance, Construction, and so on...
SekizSekiz family, creating video solutions for the leaders of many industries since 2012, has 3 main focus areas beside regular video productions.

Interactive Video

Let your viewers interact with your video content!
An interactive video is beyond regular video streams with it's capabilities of changing the watching path based on viewers interactions such as choosing a different product, answering a question, filling a form, etc... Our Interactive Video solution runs on HTML5 making it possible to view the video with all it's features in every device with a regular web browser.


Personalized Video

Does every single customer has the same name, same interests, same data to be shown? Does every customer has the same billing amount, same billing cycle or the same amount of rewards earned? Reach every single one of your customers with a unique video generated only and only for him/her. Touch your customers' premium emotions with personalized videos.


Video Marketing

Tell us about your company, your product, your goals... Let's decide what you need together and then let us study what we can deliver... Video is one of the most effective ways to talk about what you have in your mind.

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